Waddington to Secretary of State
Tavistock Hotel,
Covent Garden
January 17th 1870
My Lord,
Your Lordship may not be aware that I have spent a vast amount of time and money in British Columbia in attempting to promote the construction of an Overland railroad through British North America and that I obtained certain privileges there for that purpose.
I had the honor shortly after my arrival in England two years ago to submit to his Grace the Duke of Buckingham (March 10th 1868) a letter from the then Governor of British Columbia, dated Septr 25th 1867 referring the whole matter to the Secretary of State for the Colonies; and his Grace advised me to see the Directors of the Hudson's Bay Company, who were at that time in possession of the Saskatchewan Territory, and with whom some previous arrangement was necessary before proceeding further.
Supposing that difficulty settled, I had the honor in June last of addressing two pamphlets to your Lordship, the latter containing an exact description of the line of road I propose following, and I now intend leaving for Canada next week, so as to be in Ottawa at the opening of the Parliament, and prepare the way for obtaining, if possible, the necessary privileges for carrying out this vast project.
Under these circumstances I take the liberty of asking the favor of anintroductionManuscript image introduction to the present Governor General Sir John Young, with whom I am not acquainted, explaining the nature of my mission; and I trust your Lordship will have the Kindness to grant my request.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your Obedient, humble servant
Alfred Waddington

To the Right Honorable
the Secretary of State
for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
Mr Waddington asks for an introduction to Sir John Young. I think that to do this wd be taken by him, or he might use it as such, as giving encouragement to his scheme from the Home Govt.
As however he is going out to Canada might it not be well to let Sir J.Y. have copies of Mr Waddington's letters—this & 2277—&Manuscript image of Govr Seymour's despatches 1204/67 & 3371/68?
CC 18/1
Manuscript image
Yes. If Mr W. introduces himself to Lord Granville—he may equally introduce himself to Sir J. Young.
I wd inform him that a copy of his letter will be sent to Sir J Young.
And in sending it wd add that Sir J.Y's ministers will of course judge how far Mr W's project is practicable & opportune.
FR 20/1
G 22/1
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Rogers to Waddington, 22 January 1870, advising that relevant correspondence would be sent to Sir John Young and that it would be up to his ministers to judge the project on its merits.
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Granville to Young, Canada, No. 25, 27 January 1870.