1 February 1870
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Confidential Despatch of the 22nd November enclosing Copy of a Minute by Mr. Harnley on the subject of the advantages which would accrue to British Columbia if it were included in any Treaty for Commercial Reciprocity between the British North American Possessions and the United States.
Although the course taken by the United States puts the question to rest for themomentManuscript image moment, I am glad to have been made aware of your views in regard to it, and to have perused Mr. Harnley's sensible and apparently well considered Minute.
I take this opportunity to transmit to you with reference to Mr. Seymour's Despatches of the 4th February and 17th March last a Copy of a letter from Mr. Villars on the same subject together with a Copy of a letter from Sir John Rose to whom the correspondence was referred.
A Copy of your Confidential Despatch and of the above correspondence has been sent to Sir John Young with whom you will be at liberty to communicate should negotiations on thisimportantManuscript image important matter be resumed at any future date.
I have etc.