No. 46
12 May 1870
I have fully considered the suggestion made in your Despatch No. 19, 22nd February, that the Crown Fund of Vancouvers Island should be transferred to the General Revenue of British Columbia.
I have to acquaint youinManuscript image in that as a civil List sufficient for the Salaries of the principle officers has been permanently provided for, I am prepared to consent to this fund being placed under control at the disposal of the Legislature on the condition of their Securing by Ordinance a supplementary Civil List placing £1000 a year at the disposal of the Governor to be expended according to his discretion as Imperial interests may require.
At the terminationofManuscript image of each year a Return of the expenditure would be laid before the Legislature for their information. If the whole sum is not expended in the year in which it accrues, it should accumulate until it reaches a reserve of £1000, any excess over that sum should be paid over to the General Revenue.
I have to authorize you to assent to any Ordinance that may be passed for this purpose if it fulfills the required condition.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient humble Servant