18th January 1871
My Lord,
I have had the honor to receive Your Lordship's Circular Despatch Confidential of the 17th November, referring to the Instruction which requires Governors of Colonies to make once in each year a Confidential Report on the claims of Candidates for appointmentsorManuscript image or promotion in the public service.
2. As Your Lordship is aware, the circumstances of this Colony are peculiar, as it is on the very eve of Union with Canada. The Heads of Departments will be affected by this change and I have already called Your Lordship's attention to this subject in my Despatch No 147, of 17th November last. The Canadian Government have engaged to provide pensions for such Officers as may be displaced, but it is hoped thatsuitableManuscript image suitable employment may be found for most, if not all of the present Incumbents, and it is very possible that Your Lordship may have it in your power by conferring promotion where it is deserved, to assist in facilitating the arrangements consequent upon Union. I am therefore glad to have the opportunity to submit to you the claims of the present public Officers of British Columbia of whom in general I am able to report favorably.
Mr Philip James Hankin,ColonialManuscript image Colonial Secretary is thirty two years of age and is an Officer of much natural ability. He is loyal to his Official superiors and renders willing service and assistance, though I would not perhaps always repose implicit confidence in his tact, or discretion. But, under proper guidance he is capable and useful. He has served two years as Colonial Secretary in this Colony.
Mr George Phillippo, Attorney General is an able man, andgoodManuscript image good Crown Law Officer. He has been less than a year in this Colony; but he has rendered me efficient assistance during that time, and I believe would stand high in public estimation after longer residence. His age is about forty-five.
Mr Joseph Trutch, Commissioner of Lands & Works. Of this Officer I have a very high opinion. He has rendered most valuable service both in and out of the Legislature in the negotiations for the Union of this Colony with theDominionManuscript image Dominion of Canada; I have confidence both in his ability and judgment, and I am satisfied that he would fill with credit any appointment in the Public service which Your Lordship might give to him. He is forty-four years of age, and has held his present Office since 1864.
Mr Wymond Hamley, Collector of Customs, is a faithful and zealous public Servant, understanding well the duties of his Department of which he has been in charge since 1858. His ageisManuscript image is about forty-five.
Mr Robert Ker, Auditor General, is a competent Officer for his appointment and I believe discharges his duties faithfully. He was appointed in 1865 and I think is nearly fifty years of age.
Mr Edward Graham Alston, Registrar General, is an Officer whom I should be glad to see promoted. I think he deserves a better appointment than that which he at present holds, of which the emoluments are only Five hundred Pounds per annum,a veryManuscript image a very small sum in so expensive a place of residence. He is about Forty years of age, has held the appointment of Registrar General of Vancouver Island since 1861, and under the recent Ordinance is now Registrar of the United Colony. Mr Alston is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, and was called to the Bar of Lincoln's Inn. His attainments as a Lawyer are highly estimated. He has held various honorary Offices in the Colony, and now those of Inspector of Schools and Commissioner ofSavingsManuscript image Savings Banks; and he has served in the Legislative Council under three successive administrations, discharging these several duties to the satisfaction of the Government for the time being. I present Mr Alston to Your Lordship's favorable notice with some confidence, and I recommend him the more especially because he will not be among those Officers entitled to a Pension from the Canadian Government, while his chances of promotion will be diminished after Union, and the position of hisOfficeManuscript image Office will be insecure on the introduction of Responsible Government.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your most obedient
Humble Servant
A. Musgrave
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Herbert
See 144.
CC 6/3
RGWH Mar 6/71
EHKH 6/3/71
Put by. See 147/144, where the Governor was instructed to advise the officials of Brit. Columbia to accept reasonable offers of employment from the Canadian Govt.
ERW March 8/71
Yes—the names of these officers should be borne in mind as they appear to be useful public servants, & opportunities may offer for employing them elsewhere.
K March 8/71
ERW March 9/71