No. 51
24th April 1871
My Lord,
On the 22nd instant I received a Telegram from Your Lordship as follows:
Offer Phillippo Puisne Judgeship in British Guiana. Salary Fifteen hundred. IfheManuscript image he accepts he should proceed there forthwith. Wire reply.
2. To-day I transmitted by telegraph my reply as follows:
Phillippo would accept, if without prejudice to eventual Canadian Pension on failure of health. But cannot move till June on account Wife's serious illness.
3.Manuscript image
3. Mr Phillippo has explained to me that he has no wish to entail upon the Canadian Government the payment of his Pension if he can obtain employment, and would therefore willingly accept the appointment offered by Your Lordship. But his health suffered seriously from the Climate of Sierra Leone and he fears the possibility of alikeManuscript image like effect in British Guiana. If, however, he might in that event have recourse to the Pension to which with other Officials he is entitled by the terms of Union with the Dominion, he would take the risk in the hope that he may not be compelled to retire. But on the other hand should he be obliged on accepting theJudgeshipManuscript image Judgeship to forego all prospective claim on Canada for a retiring allowance, he would think it most prudent to take the Pension, and the chances of employment in his profession here, or elsewhere. The Canadian Government will not be placed in a more disadvantageous position by allowing MrPhillippo'sManuscript image Phillippo Phillippo's claim to be complete though in abeyance, and probably Your Lordship will find no difficulty in so arranging the matter.
4. The recent serious illness of Mr Phillippo's Wife will prevent her from travelling for some Weeks; and he could not with propriety leave her in herpresentManuscript image present state of health. But, I shall be glad if some little delay may be afforded on public grounds also, as it would in many respects be disadvantageous to the local government to lose the benefit of Mr Phillippo's services as Crown Law Officer before the completion of the Union of this Colony with Canada.
I haveManuscript image
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your most obedient
Humble Servant
A. Musgrave
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Meade
Mr Phillippo has since accepted unconditionally.
See 54/5324.
Put by.
CC 25/5
RM 25/5
EHKH 26/5/71
But I think he would be fairly entitled to a pension
See minutes & draft on Trutch/4910 B. Columbia.
whenever he ceases to hold office in common with the other B. Columbian pensioners.
K May 26/71