Brown to Colonial Office
Lyneal, Ellesmore, Salop
12 May
I am writing a little narrative of an Expedition which the Government of British Columbia sent in 1864 into the NW district of that Country in quest of Chilcoatin Indians who had perpetrated murders of Colonists at Bute InletManuscript image & Bella Coola. It is a sort of Colonial & Missionary narrative. I was there at the time as clergyman under the Bishop of Columbia & with the sanction of the Governor, prepared the Indians, when caught & convicted, for the last penalty of the law.
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I much desire to know if there exists any Blue book relating to the subject; or failing that, any Blue book on the Geography of the North Western District of British Columbia, with maps—& I should feel greatly obliged to you if you could tell me where I could get it.
I may mention that I had the honour of writing a prize Essay on British ColumbiaManuscript image in 1862 which received the thanks of the Government and 50£.
I have the honour to be Sir
Your obedient Servant
R.E. Lundin Brown
(Vicar of Lyneal cum Colemere)
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Herbert
If it is wished to give Mr Brown any information there are two interesting despatches from Governor Seymouth [Seymour] of 30 Aug & 9 Sept 1864—marked in the accompanying Vol 2 of 1864.
CC 15 May
I think he might have copies of these despatches, although even at this distant date their publication may anger those who think it criminal for white men to defend themselves against coloured savages. If there is no Blue book containing maps, & we cannot refer him to any sufficient information as to the geography of the country in the proceedings of the Geographical Society or elsewhere we might tell him that he can inspect the maps attached to the dph of Sept 1864 and take tracings here if he desires.
RGWH May 17/71
This application reminds me of one of theManuscript image great defects in this office—namely the want of good modern maps of our colonies—all that we have seem to me to be of an antiquated description & very inefficient when reference to them is necessary. I suppose however, we must be content & that unless any colony chooses at its own expense to make & present us with a map of itself, we shall never get any more. I agree with Mr Herbert's minute.
EHKH 18/5/71
I would let him inspect any map or tracing which we have got & take a copy of it if he wishes: but I would not let him read or give him copies of the Despatches.
The maps here put me in mind of those I used to have in my room at the F.O. which seemed to have been made in the last century.
K May 18/71
When Mr Brown has been answered as above refer this to Mr Robinson for a circular requesting the Colonies to state what is the best map containing most recent information & whether it is purchaseable in London & if not requesting them to send such maps for the use of this office pointing out the obvious advantage to the Colony of our having the most correct maps procurable.
RGWH May 19/71
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Meade to Brown, 24 May 1871, advising that they had two maps that he might want to inspect and copy at the colonial office.
Minutes by CO staff
When he calls he may as well be shewn the Parl: Pap: tho' probably he knows them.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft circular, Kimberley to all colonies, 6 June 1871, asking to be supplied with their most recent maps, or to be advised whether such maps could be obtained in London.
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Circular, Kimberley to approximately one dozen colonies (not including British Columbia),2 January 1873, reminding them of the request made in the circular of 6 June 1871.