No. 7
1 February 1871
I referred for the consideration of the Postmaster General your Despatch No. 157 of the 10th Dec. last respecting the extension to B.C. of the British money order system.
As regards the rules laid down for the transaction of this business, I have only to make a remark on the 18th, relatingtoManuscript image to remittances of money to pay the Money Orders drawn in B.C. on the United Kingdom. Mr. Maunsell agrees with you in the views adopted by you that such remittances will probably not be necessary, as the Post Office has periodically to make payment to the Colony through the [blank] of sums varying between £500andManuscript image and £600 annually on account of the carriage of Colonial matters to and from San Francisco, and that the sums thus payable may be retained as a set off against the money orders drawn upon this country by the Colonial Post Office on the understanding that shouldtheManuscript image the amount due from the Colony exceed that due from the London Post Office the question of remittance must be again considered.
I have therefore to desire you to take measures for carrying the Money order system into operation and that the first of May may be fixed as the day for commencing business both in B.C. and in this country.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant