Downing Street
6 May 1871
I have received your Despatch No. 16 of 22nd February transmitting a Resolution of the Legislative Council, with reference to the Appointment of the joint High Commission, representingtheManuscript image the importance of the Island of San Juan, and stating that it is desirable to settle the boundaries of the Possessions of the United States and the North of British Columbia and also to consider the question of the Fisheries in the Pacific.
I enclose a Copy of a letter communicating your Despatch to the Foreign Office.
I approve of the course which you took in not sending back to the Council these Resolutions.
With reference to the question how far the United States are bound by the Treaty between Great Britain and Russia of 1825, I enclose for your information a Copy of a Despatch which the Duke of Buckingham addressed to your Predecessor, dated the 17th January 1868.
I have etc.

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