979 N America

Wedny 17 May
Dear Sir,
I have communicated with the Authorities at Hudsons Bay House, & they think that it will answer the purpose if the proposed Grant be confined to the Cession to the C of Vancouver's Island, without touching the Question of Jurisdiction, & they can then afterwards apply to the Govt to appoint some of theirManuscript image officers to be Justices, & Company to grant also a Commission of oyer & terminer under the provisions of the Act of 43 Geo 3d. I believe it is intended under any Circumstance to adopt this course in reference to the portion of the Oregon territory which is not to be granted to the C.
I am Dear Sir
Yours faithfully
Joseph Maynard
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Printed copy, 1 and 2, George IV, Cap LXVI, "An Act for regulating the Fur Trade, and establishing a Criminal and Civil Jurisdiction within certain Parts of North America," 2 July 1821.
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HM May 2
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