4933. VanCouver's Island
Office of Committee of
Privy Council for Trade

15th June 1850.
I am directed by the Lords of the
1Ansd 24 June/50.
Committee of Privy Council for Trade, to request that you will inform Earl Grey that an application has been made to this Board for Their Lordship's sanction to the introduction of the Bill into Parliament for the Incorporation of a Company entitled the "Vancouvers Island Sawing Mill & Agricultural Company," which among other privileges will confer on the Shareholders that of limited liability. —
Copies of the Application and accompanying Statement of the object of the Company are enclosed for the consideration ofManuscript image of Lord Grey.
It will be perceived from this Statement that the Capital with which the Company is to commence does not exceed £ 10,000 and this circumstance, not less than the vagueness of the description of design of the Company induces this Board to think that no case has been substantiated for the grant of Exclusive privileges; but before they determine to return an unfavorable reply to the Application, My Lords wish to know whether Lord Grey has any observations to offer on the subject.
I am
Your Obedient Servant,
Denis Le Marchant
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Perhaps Lord Grey may think proper to communicate on this subject with the Hudson's Bay Company previously to returning any answer to the Board of Trade?
ABd 17/6.
I think so?
HM June 17
I think this is hardly necessary — Lookg to what has so recently been done with regard to Mr Lafone's proposed Compy, I think the ansr must be that I am aware of no reason why the Lds of the Cee for trade shd depart in favour of the proposed Co from the rules which usually guide them in decidg upon applicatns for power to form Cos havg limited responsibility. —
G. 18/
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Colonial Office to Le Marchant, 24 June 1850, advising that Grey saw no reason to favour the proposed company over others in the same position.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Copy, Parratt and Walinisley, Parliamentary Agents, to Le Marchant, 11 June 1850, with statement describing the Vancouver's Island Steam Sawing Mill and Agriculture Company for consideration by Board of Trade.
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Statement of company, initiated by James Cooper, for consideration of Board of Trade, signed 10 June 1850 by J. Dangerfield, Solicitor to the Company.
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