28th Jany 1852
Her Majestys Sloop Daphne having afforded a passage to
1Copy to Treasy for consid. 9 Feby 52
Ansd Feby/52
His Excellency Richard Blanshard the Governor of Vancouver's Island between the 4th July and 3 August last, I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to require that you will move Earl Grey to inform My Lords whether the expense of this passage is to be borne by the Public.
I am Sir
Your very obedient
humble Servant
J. Parker

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Mr Merivale
I infer that this passage on board the Daphne was given to Governor Blanshard to enable him to leave VanCouver's Island & avoid Cape Horn. The Govt has on a former occasion refused to defray the expense of Governor Blanshard's voyages, & thrown the charge on the Hudson's Bay Co, who seem, in turn, to have devolved it on him. But on the present occasion as this Office desired the Admy to afford him a passage, if possible, I presume that it will be right that the public should payManuscript image for the expense.
ABd 29/1
I think so, considering that he was the first Governor of this distant island.
HM Jan 29
FP 29
Yes but the Try must be asked.
G. 30
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Draft, Colonial Office to Trevelyan, Treasury, 9 February 1852, forwarding copy of the letter and recommending that the expense of the passage be borne by the public.
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Draft, Colonial Office to Parker, 25 February 1852, recommending that the expense be borne by the public.
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