Memo, Barclay to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)

Mr Barclay presents his Compliments to Mr Merivale, and begs to acknowledge the receipt of his note of yesterday's date, accompanied by a bag of Despatches for the Governor of Vancouver's Island, which will be forwarded by the first opportunity.
Mr Barclay encloses herewith a Despatch from the Governor to Earl Grey which reached the Hudson's Bay House today in the dilapidated form in which it appears. The Despatch, as well as other documents enclosed in the same envelope with it, seems to have by some accident been immersed in water.
Hudson's Bay House
October 2, 1852
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
The original despatch from Governor Douglas will, when it arrives, be probably accompanied by the Map which is deficient now. I hardly know whether it is necessary to pursue the enquiry on this subject which was raised by Lord Grey on 409. I think the desph might be put by for future reference, the information it contains being thus always available. To make it however really ofManuscript image value the Hudson's Bay Company should confirm it.
ABd 4 Oct
The information is of some importance in the event of any debate in Parlt, or any measures becoming necessary, on the subject of Vancouver's Island: for the present put by?
HM O 4
D 5