Taylor to Newcastle
6 Queen Street Place
Upper Thames Street
23 April 1853
My Lord Duke,
With reference to the letter which I had the honor to address to Your Grace on the 7th Instant, relative to an application made by Messrs Gray & Easterby for a grant of gold mining ground in Queen Charlotte's Island, I take the liberty to state that Mr Easterby is very anxious to return to San Francisco via Panama before the sickly season commences; and that it is of great importance to him to learn before his departure whetherheManuscript image he may hope that his application will be favorably entertained.
I shall esteem it as a great favor if Your Grace will oblige me with some intimation upon the subject.
I am, My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's most obedt Servant
Richard Taylor

To His Grace The Duke of Newcastle
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Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
I should doubt the possibility, and indeed the propriety of this Office being hurried into giving a decision on an application of this description especially when so little is known of what the Crown has to dispose of.
ABd 25 April
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Inform Mr Taylor that the subject is under the consideration of
HM's Govt but that they regard it as too important & involving too many consequences to be able to undertake to return an immediate answer.
HM Apl 25
FP 25
N 25
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Colonial Office to Taylor, 27 April 1853, advising that the government did not feel itself to be in a position to provide an immediate answer to the application.