No. 8
Downing Street
27th August 1853
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your Despatch, No. 2, of the 8th June, reporting the return of Her Majesty's Sloop "Virago" from a voyage of observation to Queen Charlotte's Island, and enclosing a Copy of Captain Prevost's report of his proceedings.
I approve the Notice which in pursuance of your instructions, has beenleftManuscript image left by Captain Prevost at Mitchell's Harbour, warning persons against settling or visiting the Islands for the purpose of digging for Gold &c without a License.
I also approve you proceedings in despatching the "Virago" back to Queen Charlotte's Island for the purpose of making more particular enquiries into the causes which led to the capture of the American Schooner, "Susan Sturges",byManuscript image by the Natives; and of the instructions given by you to Captain Prevost on the subject.
I have the honor to be Sir,
Your most Obedient Humble Servant