Hammond to Peel (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
September 15, 1854
I have laid before the Earl of Clarendon your Letter of the 11th Instant, enclosing a Draft of an Instruction which Secretary Sir George Grey proposes to address to the Governor of Vancouver's Island relative to the Sovereignty of the British Crown over the Islands in the Canal de Arro; and I am to request that you will inform Sir George Grey that Lord Clarendon concurs in the Terms of the proposedInstructionManuscript image Instruction.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient humble Servant,
E. Hammond

Frederick Peel Esq.
&c &c &c
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Mr Elliot
The despatch to the Governor may now proceed?
VJ 16 Sepr
TFE 16/9
FP 21
GG 21
Desp dated 21 Sept/54 No 4.
P 28/4-55