Swanston to Secretary of State
17th April 1854 The Right Honorable Her Majesty's Secretary for the Colonies

Having been debarred the usual mode of access to Your Grace by the refusal on the part of the Governor of this Colony to forward the Accompanying Memorial: (Vide his note herewith) I have adopted the only course open to me to obtain redress for a most wantonManuscript image attack on my liberty, and to secure protection from Similar attempts for the future. Trusting that the Circumstances of the Case will hear me out in the step I have taken, and render it perfectly admissible in the opinion of Your Grace.
I have the honor to remain Your Grace's
Most obedient humble Servant
Robt S. Swanston
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
The Governor's desph (annexed) of the 13 March (4928) supplies his version of this transaction.
ABd 11 July
I suppose the Governor must be written to, to ask why he did not cho[o]se to forward this. It might however at the same time be added that on Mr Swanston's own shewing, his grievanceManuscript image seems to be one for which the Courts alone
I.e. I suppose the Courts of this Country
could afford him proper redress.
HM July 20
FP 22
GG 22
See despatch to Governor of the 18 Decr/54—in which he is desired to explain why he did not transmit this memorial to the Secy of State.
The Governor's explanation is contained in his desp. of the 6 March/55.
ABd 1 June [55]
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Swanston to Secretary of State, 18 February 1854, memorial complaining of having been arrested, jailed, and fined without just cause, by a court whose legality he did not recognize.
Manuscript image
Account of the proceedings of the Vice Admiralty Court held 30 January 1854, apparently written by Swanston or his supporters (seven pages).
Manuscript image
Affidavit sworn before Edward Edwards Langford, Justice of the Peace, 3 February 1854, testifying to the truth of the above account, signed by Thomas James Skinner, Bernard Cornelius, and James Yates.
Manuscript image
Affidavit sworn before Langford, 3 February 1854, testifying to the correctness of the above account, signed by William E. Banfield and Robert John Staines.
Manuscript image
Richard Golledge to Swanston, 27 March 1854, returning his Memorial and remarking that "the Governor does not think proper to forward it with his Despatches."