No. 10
25th July 1855
My Lord
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Sir George Grey's Despatch, No 1, of the 3rd April 1855, in reference to the Vice Admiralty Court of Vancouver's Island, to which it is proposed to add the Powers of a Court of Prize, to those already conferred as a Court of Instance, and to appoint a Judge, Registrar, Advocate, and Marshal, and further instructing me to transmit the names and designation of those persons in the settlement, who are in my judgment best qualified to fill the above offices.
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I confess to your Lordship that I feel exceedingly perplexed, on this occasion, from the fact, that among the educated inhabitants of this Colony, who are principally engaged in the pursuits of Commerce or Agriculture, there is a difficulty in finding persons acquainted with Admiralty Law, or who are sufficiently conversant with the rules and regulations, touching the practice to be observed in suits and Proceedings in Courts of Vice Admiralty, to prepare the proper instruments, or to undertake the direction of suits, involving large interests and profound questions at Law.
However as it appears to be the wish of Her Majesty's Government that such nominations should be made, I will here submit the names of four persons; who are in my opinion, better qualified to fill the offices referred to, than any other in this Colony, and I can moreover with justice, assure your Lordship, that they are all, without exception, gentlemen, who bear a high character in the Colony, for general intelligence and integrity.
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For Judge David Cameron Esqre of Belmont
For Registrar Mr Robert Barr of Victoria
For Advocate Mr Benjamin Pearse of Victoria
For Marshal Edward E Langford Esqre of Colwood
I have the honor to be
Your Lordships most obedient humble Servant
James Douglas

The Right Honble Lord John Russel [Russell]
Her Majesty's principal Secretary of State
For the Colonial Department.
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Mr Elliot
Communicate this despatch to the Admiralty in answer to their letter of the 22 of March.
VJ 25 Sepr
Yes. Objections have been taken to Mr Cameron as a judge, as too closely connected with the Governor & the H.B.C: but I do not believe there is any alternative.
HM S 25
WM S 26
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Draft, Colonial Office to Secretary of the Admiralty, 4 October 1855, forwarding copy of the despatch.