Downing Street
28 February 1856
With reference to my Despatch of this day's date, directing you to call together an Assembly, I wish to state to you that the only cause for hesitation which I have felt in giving these directions has arisen from the reports which have reached me from the Hudson's Bay Company and from various quarters of the disturbed state of the relations between Indian and American Settlers in Oregon and the North West generally, and the commencement of hostilities in the vicinity of the British Territory of a very serious character.
2. It is essential under such circumstances that no political measure should be taken calculated to endanger the peace of the community of Vancouver's Island. I cannot however anticipate any objection on this score to the summoning of the Assembly.Manuscript image But if, when met, it should appear to you hazardous to continue its deliberations, you have the authority of H.M's Govt to prorogue it whenever you may deem expedient, and to conduct the Executive business of the Colony as heretofore with the advice of your Council, leaving legislation for future opportunities.
I have etc.
H. Labouchere

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