No. 17
Downing Street
23d August 1856
The Governor and the Committee of the Hudson's Bay Co, have brought under my notice the financial condition of Van Couver's Island, with reference to the means of defraying the future expenses of the Government.
ItManuscript image
It appears that owing to the cessation of purchase of land by the Hudson's Bay and Puget Sound Companies, the land sales will not prove so productive a source of revenue as they have hitherto been, and therefore other means must be resorted to for raising the necessary funds for the support of the Government of the Colony. This is a subject which I have no doubt will engage the early attention of the Legislature after the Meeting of the Assembly, and I consider it reasonable under the circumstances that some moderate Imposts should beleviedManuscript image levied to help to defray the expenses of Government.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your most obedient humble servant
H. Labouchere

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