Dawson to Labouchere
Osgodby Hall
W. Selby
22 Decr/57
Having been informed that it is the intention of Government to form a Colonial establishment in Vancouver's Island, I beg to be allowed to present myself to your notice as an applicant for any ministerial or judicial appointment that it may be the intention of Government to establish there & that may be vacant.
I am a member of theManuscript image English bar of many years standing—and have also acted for many years as a magistrate for the counties of Berkshire and the West & East Ridings of Yorkshire & am a deputy lieutenant of the latter Riding.
Family considerations & circumstances connected with that distant locality have induced in me a wish to reside & probably finally settle there. If you should incline to the opinion that there isManuscript image any ground for entertaining my application, I could proceed immediately to lay before you testimonials of my fitness from lawyers & brother magistrates who have known me & with whom I have been in the habit of acting for many years up to the present time.
As an apology for the seeming indelicacy of thus intruding on you my own pretentions, I can only urge my impressionManuscript image that in the case of so comparatively little known & remote a settlement, it is not likely that many persons duly qualified for such an appointment & at the same time willing to accept it, would be known to you unless they took the liberty of introducing themselves.
I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your most obedient Servant
Geo P. Dawson

The Rt Hon
Henry Labouchere
&c &c &c
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Manuscript image
Draft, Merivale to Dawson, 6 January 1858, advising that as Vancouver Island was already an established colony, there were no vacant appointments.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
The writer supposes that the Government are about to form a Settlement at Van Couver's Island, and applies for an appointment there.
VJ 24 Decr
This gentleman seems from the Law List to be a barrister of more than 30 years' standing. Inform him, I suppose, that Vanc. Id is already an established colony, and that there are no appointments vacant there.
HM D 26
HL 31
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