No. 45
29 October 1858
The arrival of the Mail Steamer from San Francisco, at Esquimalt, with the detachment of Royal Engineers, under the command of Captain Parsons, has just been announced, and though I have not yet heard from Captain Parsons, I believe they are in perfect health. I have despatched an Officer to hire boats for the removal of the detachment to this place,whereManuscript image where I have provided comfortable quarters, for their accommodation, until they can be removed to British Columbia. Your despatches have not yet been landed, and I write this hasty note, to save the mail, as the Steamer leaves almost immediately.
I have etc.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
See 545 announcing the arrival of Capt. Parsons.
VJ 17 Jan
C Jany 18
EBL 19