Belmont Esquimalt
17 November 1858
I left Victoria last night on my way to British Columbia, and met the mail steamer from San Francisco at eight o'Clock P.M. and she will leave on her return early tomorrow morning in order to catch the Panama mail Steamer which should leave San Francisco on the morning of 28th of Instant, tho' I fear the attempt is hopeless.
I have received your private note of 16th September. Mr Nugent's character and antecedents are well known in this country and I was on my guard with him. The correspondence forwarded will shew all that has passed between us, except one note which I have not time to copy at present, but I have sent copies of the whole correspondence to Lord Napier, with cuttings from the two numbers of the Victoria Gazette which are herewith forwarded. The articles to which I wish to direct your attention are marked thus +. Will you be kind enough to inform Sir Edward Lytton of those circumstances and that I will not fail to send him the VictoriaManuscript image Gazette by every opportunity.
Mr Nugent leaves to day for Washington. I omitted to mention in my public Despatches the arrival of Admiral Bains [Baynes] with H.M.S. Ganges at this Port.
I have etc.
P.S. I have received Sir Edward Lyttons dispatches to 20th Septr and shall attend to their instructions. In haste, J.D.
Minutes by CO staff
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VJ 17 Jan
HM Jan 17
Sir Edward
This is a private letter from Douglas. But the Newspapers are worth looking at.
C Jany 18
EBL Jan 19
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Weekly Victoria Gazette, Saturday, 13 November 1858, as per despatch.
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The Victoria Gazette, Tuesday Morning, 16 November 1858, as per despatch.