No. 50
11 December 1858
I have the honor to transmit herewith for your information, the Custom House Returns of Imports for the quarter ending with the 30th day of September last amountingtoManuscript image to the comparatively large sum of £231.376 Sterling which shows the prodigiously increased trade of this Port.
2. Another Return shows that the amount of fees collected at the Custom House is $6486.56; a disproportionately small sum, considering the amount of Imports, in consequence of no Customs Duties being levied in this Port; but the sum collected will nevertheless be sufficient to pay the salaries of the Officers and to defray all the other expenses connected with the Custom House, so that it will not be burdensome to the Colony.
There Manuscript image
3. There is also herewith forwarded Returns of British and foreign vessels which have entered this Port up to the quarter ending on the 30th day of September and to the 25th day of November last.
4. I have also the honor of forwarding a statement of the quantities of public land sold in this Colony from the 10th day of October 1857 to the 4th day of November instant, as exhibited in the series of tables numbered from 1 to 7, the gross quantity in acres being a little over 30,924 acres.
Land Board.
5. A great part ofthatManuscript image that land especially in the Saanich and Cowitchin Districts is not yet allotted, but you will observe that the purchasers have all been required to pay an instalment of 25 per cent on their respective lots as a necessary condition of registration.
6. The sums of money collected during the year on account of those land sales as shown by the tables referred to, amount to £8586.9, including the sum of £664-17-3 received in payment of land sold previously to the period embraced by those tables.
7. There is now due to the Colony a balanceofManuscript image of £24,056-18-4, on account of land sales, which the parties will be called upon to pay as the instalments become due, with interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum on their respective balances.
8. The following comparative table will show the quantities of public land sold respectively in the years 1857 & 1858
Public lands sold in 1857 6303 105/160
do do " 1858 30,984 127/160
24,681 22/160 acres giving an excess of sales over the previous year to the extent of 24,681 22/160 acres.
9. There has been aaManuscript image remarkable increase this year in the population of this Colony, in consequence of the discovery of Gold in Fraser's River. Victoria from a village has grown up into a town of considerable extent, and become the seat of a large and growing trade, being still the only Port of Entry for ships bound to British Columbia.
10. The Country has this year received an impetus, which, I think, will lead to the regular and rapid development of its resources. With reference to those tables
I have etc.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Copy to Board of Trade for infn. Communicate to Parlt.
ABd 31 Jany
And with the last enclosure to Land & Emn Commrs.
HM Jan 31
And send them for their inf. a copy of the draft just approved relating to the disposal of Land in the Colony.
A satisfactory account.
C Feby 1
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Return of imports into Victoria for the quarter ending 30 September 1858, signed 20 November 1858 by Alex C. Anderson.
Manuscript image
Return of Customs House receipts for the quarter ending 29 September 1858.
Manuscript image
Account of Customs House expenses for the same quarter, signed 20 November 1858 by Anderson.
Manuscript image
Return of vessels entered at Victoria from 29 June 1858 to 29 September 1858.
Manuscript image
Return of vessels entered at Victoria from 29 September 1858 to 25 November 1858.
Manuscript image
Statement of land sales in the colony from 10 October 1857 to 4 November 1858, by district, showing names of purchasers and quantities purchased.