Romaine to Merivale
August 29th 1858.
In reply to your letter of this day's date requesting that the Royal Mail Steamer which is appointed to leave Southampton with the West India Mails on the 2nd Proximo may be detained until the arrival of a queens messenger from Osborne who will be the bearer of despatches for the Governor of British Columbia, I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to request you will state to Secretary Sir E Bulwer Lytton that their Lordships have no power to delay the Packets of the West Indian Royal Mail Company.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant
H.G. Romaine
Minutes by CO staff
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ABd. 1 Sepr.
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Draft, Colonial Office to Secretary to the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, Immediate, 30 August 1858, requesting the steamer be detained for a few hours to enable a Queen's Messenger to arrive from Osborne with despatches for the Governor of British Columbia.
Minutes by CO staff
I have seen the Managing Director of the Company on this subject, and orders for the detention of the Packet will be given upon the receipt of a letter to that effect.
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Romaine to Merivale, 29 August 1858, suggesting he might, with the consent of the Postmaster General, arrange with the company for some short delay.