Hammond to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
February 19th 1858
I am directed by the Earl of Clarendon to transmit to you herewith, to be laid before Mr Secretary Labouchere, a Despatch in original from Captain Prevost reporting the result of his communications with the American Commissioner on the subject of the Boundary Line between the Continent and VanCouver's Island. Mr Labouchere will see that the Commissioners have failed to come to an agreement, and that it remains for the Government of Her Majesty and that of the United States to rendezvous to come to some direct understandingbetweenManuscript image between themselves on the subject.
Lord Clarendon would be glad to be made acquainted with Mr Labouchere's opinion on Captain Prevost's Report and on the course to be pursued in the present state of the matter, and His Lordship will then Communicate with the Board of Admiralty on the subject.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient humble
E. Hammond
H. Merivale Esqre
&c &c
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Mr Merivale
One way of solving the difficulty would be to ask some great Power to cause a survey to be made, & decide the point. Another would be by arbitration, after hearing both sides.
ABd 20 Feby
Unless indeed the Amn government would agree to the compromise line proposed by our Commissioner but rejected by the American (par: 6) I think that line would give us all we really want.
HM F 20
It appears to me that this question ought to be settled by arbitration. Write to the F.O. accordingly.
S M.1
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Draft, Merivale to Hammond, 6 March 1858, conveying Stanley's hope that arbitration could solve the question.