Memorandum, [Bridges] to Colonial Office
It is proposed to form a Company to establish a settlement in Vancouver's Island on the following basis:
1st. A block of land of one Million of Acres to be assigned to the Company by the Government, to be paid for as & when disposed of to settlers, at 10 per Cent of the selling price—the fund so accruing to be applied towards the expenses of local government.
2nd. The lands to be disposed of to actual settlers, in town, suburban & country allotments: the town lands in not larger sections than one acre at £10 per section: the suburban lands in sections of 25 acres at £100 per Section; and the outlying lands at £1 per acre.
These are London not California prices
3. The price to be paid either in cash down or by say ten annual instalments of £13 for each £100 worth of land.
4. Forty per Cent of the price of the lands to be expended by the Company in the transmission of labourers to the settlement and their employment in preliminary works, such as surveying, draining, road making, and laying out the site of a town and such other operationsasManuscript image as may be deemed necessary for facilitating the profitable employment of labour & capital by individual enterprise.
5'th. A capital of £100,000 to be created immediately in anticipation of the labour fund, to be raised from the sale of land, to be applied at once in the preliminary adaptation above specified.
6th. A reserve of [blank] acres of country land to be set apart, to be granted free in moderate allotments, during the first year of preliminary operations, to emigrants of the labouring class, being British born subjects, on such conditions as may be determined.
7th. Such reserves of town, suburban and country lands, as may be agreed on between the Company and the Government to be set apart for public purposes.
8th. An upset price, not exceeding 20 shillings per acre, of which 50 per Cent shall be expended in labour or adaptation, to be fixed by Government on all lands in the Island to be henceforth disposed of by the Crown.
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Sir Edward Lytton
After ackg Mr Carlisle's [Carlyle] Letter I should suggest that this memorandum from the Mitre Life Insce Office suggesting the starting of a Land Company to be managed in London should be referred to our ordinary & proper place of reference for all land questions, viz: the Land Board—where this project will be sifted, and a full report afterwards made to you upon it. I conclude that the object is to make ready the way so that when VanC. Isld reverts to the Crown next May this Company may commence operations. If there is any thing solid in this proposal we ought to know from the Governor whereabouts the land already granted is situated. Otherwise we may be selling land which is disposed of.
ABd 9 August
Land Board, in my opinion, asking for general advice. I have no confidence whatever in London Land Companies.
HM Augt 10
Send to Land Board, & reply meanwhile, very courteously to Mr Carlyle, to say that an answer will be sent—that apart from all other objections to London Land Companies, land at Vancouver has become so suddenly valuable in places, that it is expected that land sold last year at 1£ an acre has been lately sold at more than [cut off microfilm] an acre. And the [refnce] that in all probabilty that it is only on the [spot] [must lead An be sold] when the Island reverts to the Crown.
EBL 12
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Draft, Carnarvon to T. Carlyle, 20 August 1858, advising that the proposal would receive careful consideration and "an answer will be returned to Mr Bridges."
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Draft, Carnarvon to Emigration Commissioners, 17 August 1858, forwarding copy of the memorandum for their report.
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T. Carlyle to Lytton, 4 August 1858, introducing "The Bearer, Mr W. Brydges, of the Mitre Life Assurance Office," and testifying to his character and intellect.

Minutes by CO staff
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[Letter on above:]

August 6 1858
My dear Blackwood
Sir Edward begs me to send you the enclosed minute suggesting a desph to Gov Douglas by the next mail—Also a mem. from Mr Bridges upon wh your opinion is visited.
Yours W.F. Higgins