Taggart to Lytton
Pacific Steam Navigation
No 27, James Street, Liverpool
19th August 1858
I am directed to inform you that a Gentleman, of, I think, the name of "Kerrigan," called at this office, a few days ago, and stated, that he had been requested by you to inquire, whether the Pacific Steam Navigation Company could furnish a Steamer at Panama to convey British Troops to Vancouver's Island, and the reply given to him was, that the Company had not any vessel, at present, which could be spared for that purpose. Since then the Directors, having considered the matter, are of opinion, that one of the Companys' steamers, might be so far disengaged, for a time, as to enable them to offer her for this Service.
The Directors will, therefore, feel much obliged for the favor of a reply, stating the extent of accommodation required for the Service, referred to, and any farther particulars which you may consider necessary.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedient humble
William Taggart
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Mr Merivale
Ansr that Sir E. Lytton did not authorize the gentleman—whose name is mentioned herein—to make any enquiries on the subject; but that he is much obliged for this offer, & that though he does not wish to avail himself of it at the present moment, he will bear it in mind in the event of cir[cumstan]ces arising which shd make it desirable to employ any of their vessels.
ABd 20 Augt
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Sir E B Lytton
I suppose so?
HM Aug 21
Very good.
EBL Aug 22
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Draft, Carnarvon to Taggart, 30 August 1858, as per minute.