Reep to Lytton
Royal Mail Steam Packet
No 55, Moorgate Street,
25th August 1858
I am instructed by the Court of Directors of this Company to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated yesterday and to state in reply that it will afford them great pleasure, to carry out the wishes of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton with regard to the conveyance of a detachment of twenty Royal Engineers and an Officer from Panama to Vancouvers Island, and that every means in the power of Manuscript imagethe Directors will be taken to avoid delay in the transmission of the party to their destination.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your Obediant Servant
Rd T. Reep
Herman Merivale Esqre
Under Secretary of State
Colonial Department Downing Street
Minutes by CO staff
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Colonel Moody has been apprized of this and of all that has been done with the view of forwarding the party of Engineers on to Columbia from Panama.
Perhaps we should do well to write him an official Letter, of which he may give a copy to the Captain or Subaltern who goes on the 1 proxo.
ABd. 25 Aug. Hm A 26
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Annex draft as suggested by Mr. Blackwood It will also be necessary, or at all Events it may be useful to write again to Mr. Reep to say that in consequence of arrangements with the Admiralty Sir E. Lytton will depend entirely on the Company for the means of transport from Panama, as the intention of taking advantage of a Queens' ship has been abandoned.
I shall request privately to see the instructions to the agents.
I annex a draft.
C. Aug. 26.
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Merivale to Reep, 27 August 1858, confirming the arrangements will no longer be conditional and will depend entirely on his company to issue instructions to their agents at Panama and San Francisco to expedite the conveyance of the men.