Reep to Lytton, Enclosures Only
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
1. R.T. Reep to William Perry, Panama, 1 September 1858, enclosing copies of letters from the Colonial Office and instructing him to everything he can to expedite the conveyance of the party of Royal Engineers to Vancouver Island and paying all necessary expenses connected thereto.
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2. Reep to Messrs Hurtado Brothers, Colon, 1 September 1858, instructing them to expedite the conveyance of the party of Royal Engineers across Panama, paying all necessary expenses.
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3. Reep to Capt. Meller, S.S. La Plata, 31 August 1858, enclosing the above letters and requesting him to ensure they are delivered to the persons in question.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
These documents have been communicated to Lord Carnarvon by, I think, the Secy of the R.M.S. Packet Co, as an earnest of their desire to assist, by every possible means, in the forwarding of the R.E. party to B. Columbia. I {imagine} Lord Carnarvon wd allow his P. Secty to thank the Secretary for the obliging assistance rendered to us by the Co?
ABd 30 Augt
This is a paper to be carefully preserved as it shows the instructions wh have been issued by the Company to their agents for the transmission of the troops. I have already thanked the Secretary.
C Aug. 31