House of Commons
House of Commons
24 June 1858
Resolved, That an humble Address be presented to her Majesty, that She will be graciously pleased to give directions that there be laid before this House, a Return of all lands in Vancouver's Island sold to any individual or company, with the names of the persons or company to whom such lands have been sold, the extent to which such lands are under cultivation, and the localities in which they are situated.
Ordered, That the said Address be presented to her Majesty by such Members of this House as are of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council.
D. Le Marchant
Cl[erk] Dom Gen
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Mr Merivale
Parly Clerk.
This infn will have to be procured from the Hudson's Bay Co. I conclude that when we ask for it it had better be said that the return must be made out from the earliest period of the possession of the Colony by the Co.
ABd 28 J.
HM /28
This return may possibly give us some useful information. It touches upon questions wh may not unfittingly be considered in the negotiation between Govt & the H.B.C. for adjusting their claims to compensation.
C June 28
Draft herewith.
JCB 29 June
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Draft, Colonial Office to John Shepherd, Hudson's Bay Company, 6 July 1858, asking for the return requested in the address.