Anonymous to Lytton
21 Augt 1858
In the Military and Naval intelligence of the Times of this morning it is said that Col. Moody has been appointed Govr of the new Colony of British Columbia.
I and my Partner had good opportunity of knowing the Col in the Falkland Islands and it was well known there that he was either recalled by Earl Grey or had his conduct so severely criticized as to oblige him to resign. We have personally no complaints to make of the Governor but it was well known that he possesses neither energy nor discrimination for a place of the sort. He put himself completely into the hands of the Doctors family at Falklands who kept him always in hot water with every body and when Ships of War came the Officers and the Governor were always quarrelling they laughed and amused themselves with his pompous vanities in Manuscript imagetrying to be a great man.
I and [my] Partner had nearly resolved in investing largely in the New Colony but we have been struck with amazement at hearing of this appointment. The Col may be a very good Engineer to Map the Country but we have immediately given orders to stop our preparations until we know whether the Gov. is the Col knowing his incapacity to judge impartially or act with energy on any practical business at Law or Government. Trusting you will enquire carefully as to the former proceedings of the Coll before you place him in a situation which the writer with no personal ill will knows him to be quite unfitted for, and cannot put himself or friends under him. When a man conducts himself creditably as Col Moody has done in Scotland would it not be better to leave him in his right place.
Respectfully asking pardon Manuscript imagefor the liberties we have taken
We are his Graces humble
Servants of several years
experience of the Falklands
Islands in Gov Moodys
Registered Anonymous.
The Right Honorable
Sir B Litton MP Bart
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr. Merivale
As Colonel Moody is only going out for a year & not in the capacity of Governor this Anonymous communication is inapplicable.
When Moody went to the Falklds he was only a Lt. and young. There is no doubt that he erred sometimes, but he was presiding over a very difficult, slanderous, troublesome community. Nevertheless on the whole he aquitted himself creditably; & whatever he did was done with ability. My notion is that he is entitled to have his errors at the Falklands viewed leniently; & that they do not disqualify him from serving as C. Commissioner of Lands in B. Columbia.
ABd. 23 Augt.
I have not any knowledge of Col Moody's career in the Falklands which was before my time, but most communications as this are generally worth very little.
HM Augt 23 C. Aug 25