Baird to Lytton
Westland Cottage
28th Septr 1858 E. Bulwer Lytton Secretary of State for the Colonies

On the faith of the accuracy of the information contained in the public Newspapers, that it is the intention of the Government to open a Banking Establishment in Vancouver's Island. I take the liberty of respectfully laying the following few remarks before your Lordship in the hope that their tenor may lead to the object of this communication, viz of obtaining an appointment in the Institution purposed to be established.
I am 31 years of age. Until the last 5 1/2 yearsI wasManuscript image I was engaged in general commerce and notably as confidential clerk in Mercantile Houses of good standing. Since 1853 I was, firstly during two years in the Accountants department, Teller & Sub Agent in the City of Glasgow Banks Branch in this City, and secondly, for three years in the Bank of British North America in Canada (Six months in St. John N.B. and 2 1/2 years in Montreal having been removed from one Branch of the Bank to another in the respective "cities") from whence I returned a few months ago on private affairs.
During my residence in British North America I acquired a thorough knowledge of the system of Banking as it is conducted in these Provinces and likewise a practical knowledge of Exchanges betwixt England and the U. States as well as intercolonial exchanges.
If your Lordship deems it advisable that IShouldManuscript image Should prosecute this endeavour to attain the object in view it shall afford me much pleasure to accord to the usual and customary mode of remitting my application with testimonials and references and agreeably to the stipulated regulations of which may I request the favor of being apprised.
It would be of much advantage were I also informed of the nature of the appointments with the contemplated emoluments and allowances and scale of advancement.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your Most humble and Obedient Servant
F.C. Baird
Minutes by CO staff
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Ansr that H.M. Govt have no such design in contemplation as the establishment of a Bank in Vancouver's Island, whatever views private parties may entertain for that object, and that it is therefore not in Sir E Lytton's power to give the applicant any such situation as that he applies for.
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Draft, Colonial Office to Baird, 8 October 1858, advising the government had no plans to establish a bank in the colony.
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