Blake to Lytton
George Street
August 23rd 1858
Right Honourable Sir
Having an idea of emigrating to Vancouver's Island I am desirous of information as to the existing regulations under which Town and Country Lands can now be purchased or may be purchased on arrival at the ColonyManuscript image and whether it is contemplated to alter existing regulations and if so when such alterations will take effect, and of the nature of them.
I would respectfully suggest it would be good policy that a [cut off microfilm] be made in the purchase money [of] actual Settlers from this Country an amount sufficient to pay their passage money, either Cabin or fore according to the position in lifeManuscript image [of] the emigrant. This would be a boon [to] the Settler and promote the increase in population and consequently the revenue and thus sooner render the Colony self supporting—it would be sowing seed [to] reap a pecuniary harvest. This would [seem] the more necessary because the passage money is perhaps double that [to] Australia and because it would [preserve?] the place from being completely americanized as in all probabilityManuscript image it will be unless some such arrangement be made.
Information on the above [points?] is respectfully requested and will be esteemed a favour.
I have the honor to be Rt Honble Sir
Your most obedt humble Servt
Alfred G. Blake

The Rt Honble
Sir E.B.L. Bulwer [Lytton] Bart. M.P.
H.M. Principal Secretary of State
Colonial Department
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Ansr that as the Hudson's Bay Company have the right of disposing of the lands in that Colony until the 30 May 1859 it is to that Company that the writer should apply for information as to the present land regulations.
With respect to the future regulations it is impossible for HM Govt to state anything that could guide the writer with safety and certainty.
ABd 24 August
Annex dt.
HM Augt 25
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft, Carnarvon to Blake, 1 September 1858, directing him to apply to the Hudson's Bay Company for information on current regulations, and advising that it was not in Lytton's power to give any information on future regulations.