Barr to Lytton
Leeds, 21 Cheapside,
July 28th 1858.
On the 14th Inst. I had the honor of addressing you in reference to an appointment in the New Settlement in North Western America at the same time stating that my Family were well known to the Hon. Members for this town.
In reply to a communication addressed to the Rt. Hon. M.T. Baines soliciting his kind influence, I have received the following:
"You are perfectly at liberty to assure Sir E. Bulwer Lytton that I am fully acquainted with the respectability of your family, and that I shall be most ready to bear testimony to that effect, if he should think fit to refer to me."
"Your Testimonials are of a very honorable and satisfactory character."
Hoping the above will tend to strengthen my application, and the testimony thereinManuscript imagetherein contained to be fully borne out by me should I be honored with an appointment.
I shall be happy to wait upon you at your convenience.
I have the Honor to be, Sir,
Your Most obedient Servant,
Robert Barr.
Minutes by CO staff
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Include in the ackt going to the writer.
ABd 29 July
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Printed copy of testimonials from J.S. Helmcken, John Kennedy, James Cooper, Edward E. Langford, and John Tod.