Begbie to Lytton
42 Castle Street
20 Aug.t. 1858.
To the Rt. Hon. Sir E B Lytton Bart
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In consequence of the rule wch prevents me from either drawing quarters or rations in British Columbia or from having any allowance made to me in respect that it will I apprehend be absolutely necessary that I shod take out a somewhat extensive outfit as I am unable to ascertain that there are any European habitations whatever on the main land wch is my destination, the present European settlements being I believe solely at Victoria in VanCouver's Island. As I am to have howr no allowance made to me for outfit I foresee an extreme difficulty in providing Manuscript imagemyself with the bare necessaries of existence out of the balance of the £800 salary wch will remain after providing an outfit for myself out of it.
I am not sure although it seems at first sight unreasonable that it wod not be competent for me to take with me my entire outfit viâ Panama, and charge it in travelling expenses, wch are to be allowed to me. This wod however be enormously more expensive to the Colony and less convenient for myself than sending the heavy part of the outfit round Cape Horn. And I hope that I shall not be considered unreasonable in Manuscript imageasking that freight shall be provided for me gratis either on board any transport or ship of war wch the govt may be sending round Cape Horn.
I beg howr to refer you to Mr Blackwood for a suggestion relating to the formation of a law Library for the Court.
May I further beg that any answer to this application may be addressed to me under cover to my brother T.S. Begbie 4 Mansion House Place E.C.
I remain yours most
Matt B Begbie
To the Rt Hon Sir E B Lytton Bart
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
I think this genn had better be told plainly that he will not be at liberty to take any heavy baggage with him, which shall add materially to the expense of his journey viâ Panama, but that as a freight ship is going round the Horn he shall be informed what weight of luggage can be conveyed in it for him to B. Columbia.
I think it wd only be fair to give the Judge this accommodation.
As to his "Law Library" he asked me what we shd do for him. I said "Nothing" & that I supposed that he cd take his own law books, wh: as a Lawyer he must possess. He replied that he adopted a common practice, viz, sharing the use of Law books with 2, or 3 other men, & that he had none of his own. Feeling there was a good deal of force in his further observation that if he was to administer law he ought to have the requisite authorities of reference, & not at his own expense I told him to ask the S. of State.
With regard to the expence of his journey had we not better put him on the Hong Kong Scale & give him £150 to pay his way out?
ABd. 20 Augt.
I quite agree—annex draft.
I think his law library must wait.
Hm Augt 21
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Draft reply, Carnarvon to Begbie, 23 August 1858, stating the sum of £150 would be requested for his passage, that enquiries would be made as to how much freight could be conveyed around the Horn, and that the question of a law library was reserved for future consideration.
Merivale to Trevelyan, Treasury, requesting the sum of £150 to Begbie to defray his travel expenses.