Begbie to Lytton
40 Chancery Lane
Lincolns Inn
31st Augt.'58
My Dear Sir,
I regret exceedingly to inform you that since I saw you yesterday I have had a severe bilious attack which compelled me to take to my bed within three hours after leaving you, and my doctor tells me that it is impossible for me to undertake to leave England on thursday next, in fact I am still in bed and not allowed to get up today, and I do not know whether I shall be allowed to leave my bed tomorrow.
As Manuscript imageI have now bid most of my friends goodbye, my only anxiety is to get to the scene of operations as soon as possible. With this view I enquired of my Doctor as to the probability of my being able to leave by next Saturdays Cunard boat so as to proceed via New York, but he thought it would be very imprudent my making any arrangements for travelling for at least a week to come. I hope however most confidently to be able to leave by saturday week via New York when perhaps I may after all be able to get on nearly as quickly as if I had started on the 2nd proxo.
I am exceedingly mortified at this unlucky delay but I hope that it will not be of much impediment to the public service.
I remain My Dear Sir,
Yours faithfully
Matt. B. Begbie
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Ansr. that the S. of S. relies on his proceeding as soon as the state of his health will admit.
ABd. 1 Septr.
This is all that can be done, & send copy Manuscript imageof this privately to the governor, as he has been publicly informed of Mr Begbie's appointment, enclosed with my compliments.
HM. S 1.
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Copy, Merivale to Douglas, 2 September 1858, enclosing copy of Begbie's letter.