Elliott to Colonial Office
22 Arundel Street Strand,
7th August 1858
I take the liberty of informing you that I am just returned from Vancouvers Island, having been Invalided from HM Surveying Ship Plumper, which Vessel is engaged in the Survey of the disputed boundary question between this Country and the United States.
Having been at Vancouvers Island in 1846 and 48 and again in 1857 and 58 I think I may ventureManuscript image to say that I could furnish you with any information as to capabilities of the Island and progress of Agriculture under the direction of the Pugets Sound Company that you may desire.
My stay in London will only be for a week and should you be pleased to require information, I shall be happy either to furnish in writing or wait on you at any time that you may appoint.
I beg also to add that I have visited and walked over the adjacentManuscript image Island of San Juan, at which place the Americans have a Custom House officer, and the Pugets Sound Company a good Farm.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your very obedt Servt
W. Elliott
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Sir Edward Lytton wishes that this gentleman should put what he has to say into writing.
ABd 10 Augt
Annex dt of letter so telling him?
HM Aug 11
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Manuscript image
Draft, Clarendon to Elliott, 17 August 1858, asking that his observations and information be forwarded in writing.