King to Under-Secretary of State
30th July 1858
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 29th Inst. and have to express my regret that I should have so far misconstrued the purport of your previous letter of 14th inst as it now appears I unfortunately did. I always supposed that the "official List" merely contained the names of those intended for Employment, but as such appears not to be the case, I can do no more than respectfully await the Right Honble the Colonial Secretary's decision as to the most eligible candidates for employment in Vancouvers Island, trusting that I may not be deemed unworthy of that honor. It being however a matter of such serious consequence to me to obtain employment, I trust that I may be speedily informed whether my services are likely to be required or otherwise.
Apologizing for the unintentional trouble I have caused you.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedt Servant
E. Hammond King
The Right Honble
The Under Secretary
Colonial office
Downing Street
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Mr Merivale
I should ansr that his services are not likely to be soon required—if such is the fact.
ABd 2 Augt.
I am not at all aware of anything in Vanc. Id vacant or expected to be so?
HM Augt 3
I wd answer his enquiry by saying that if he will refer to the last letter he will see that an appointment such as he desires is so doubtful that he ought not to found any expectations on his name being placed upon the list & that Sir E. Lytton cannot speak more definitely. Annex draft.
C Augt 4
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Draft, Merivale to King, 14 August 1858, advising that an appointment in Vancouvers Island "is very doubtful."