Kernaghan to Carnarvon
13 July 1858
My Lord,
As the Govt will be sending out troops to New Caledonia, my experience on that Coast from 1850 to 1853 may be of use.
In England by the West Indian Mail Steamers to Navy Bay (Aspinwall) in 18 days or by Chartered Steamer in 14. Clipper Ship 27 to 37. over Rail Road to Panama in 4 hours. Cost pr man £2 & the freight charged in Rail Road 5d pr lb. The Pacific Mail Steam Co (American) leave Panama weekly for San Francisco time 12 to 14 days. Steamers could be chartered at San Francisco for Vancouver or Frazer River or those on the Line could take the men—time 3 to 6 days.
Plenty of Rassions can be had at San Francisco for the supply of the troops say Biscuit, flour, Beef, Port &c My experience of passages in Sailing Vessels Clippers or not is 40 to 100 days from Panama to San Francisco & 60 to 70 returning, so that Steam then would only do for the troops. If sent out by W.I. steamers from Southampton 100/to 150 at a time would be enough as there might not be room for more on the Pacific Steamers & Panama now is very unhealthy.
Probably the Pacific Mail Steam Co (British) might have Manuscript imagean idle Steamer at Panama. The Liverpool Sect or agent of the Co would inform you—or Mr Vanderbilt might—his agent in London or Southampton may know.
If any further information [is] required I would be happy to give it. Should your Lordship wish to See me on the Subject I can wait.
I have the Honor to be
Your Lordships &c
W. Kernaghan
To the Rt Hon The Earl of Carnarvon
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Put by, for future reference.
Mr. Kernaghan is not without an object in his Communications to this office.
He wants employment.
ABd. 16 July. HM /7 16 C. July 16