Trutch to [Carnarvon]
13 Charlotte Street
Portland Place
Augt. 12th. 1858
My Lord,
Above a month since I had the honor of an interview with your Lordship, & laid before you a Map of the Oregon and Washington Territories on the Pacific, which Map included the greater portion of Vancouvers Island with the Archipelago of Islands opposite, & within the British boundary line.
I have by the last Mail, on Monday, received from my son, who created this Map, and who is now engaged surveying at Port Townsend, & Puget sound, close upon the British Line, an account of communications made to him by the Indians of the Fraser River districts, with whom tribes my son is in continual intercourse; accounts, which I judge are important the Government should be made acquainted with; and Manuscript imagefor which purpose I called yesterday at the Colonial Office but was not fortunate enough to find any one at the office authorised to receive communications; I therefore presume to address your Lordship first calling to your mind my so previous interview, & to say I shall be real glad to communicate the information that has reached me.
The Map in question is now before Sir L. Bulwer, having been submitted to him by Mr. Roebuck who requested it of me for that purpose.
I have the honor to be My
Your Lordships humble
William Trutch
[PS] My accounts recd from Puget sound are to the 2nd July.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
It might perhaps be useful to see this account of the Indians on Frazer's River, & judge of it's value.
ABd. 17 Augt.
I sd hardly think that the information is likely to be of any use but it wd be worth while appointing MrTrutch for some day this week?
C Aug. 18.
I would [like] to see this gentn on Monday at 3 o c. I will do so too if I can be at the office.
EBL Aug 19
I have appointed him for 3 o'clock.
C. Aug. 20
Manuscript image
ABd. 20 Augt
Interview appointed Monday 3 oclock.