No. 28
22 July 1859
With reference to my Despatch No 19 of the 6th June relative to the frauds committed at the Custom House of Victoria, I have now to communicate for your information, that the Attorney General of British Columbia, and the Crown SolicitorManuscript imageSolicitor of Vancouvers Island who are conducting the case on behalf of the Crown, have ascertained defalcations of revenue to the extent of Five Hundred Pounds (£500), and though there is no real doubt that the sum in question has been embezzled by Angelo, they find a difficulty in establishing legal proof of that fact, and have put off the trial from time to time, in hopes of finding evidence to convict him.
2. InManuscript image2. In the mean time I have dismissed Mr Anderson late Collector of the Customs, from office, on the ground that, the many clerical errors found in the Custom House Books and accounts and the extensive frauds committed on the revenue, by a dishonest servant, for several months in succession, shew a carelessness of superintendence and a remissness in management on his part, that is altogether inexcusable.
3. I therefore feel compelledManuscript imagecompelled through a sense of public duty thus to mark in the strongest manner my disapprobation of his conduct, in the hope that it may serve as an example for the present and as a protection for the future.
4. I beg also to remark that Mr Anderson is a relative of Sir James Outram, and a gentleman who has uniformly maintained a high character for intelligenceManuscript imageintelligence and integrity.
I have etc.
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Mr Merivale
Approve the Governor's proceedings?
ABd 7 Sepr
Can you tell me how Mr James Anderson was recommended here?
HM S 8
We never heard of him until the Governor reported his nomination ipso mota to the office from which he has now been dismissed. See the Governor's desph (duplicate) 11 Decr/58.
ABd 9 Sepr
HM S 9
CF 9
N 11
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 11, 17 September 1859, acknowledging Douglas's report and adding the following: I have no alternative except to approve your decision.