Hawes to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
21 October 1859
With reference to the War Office letter of the 26th March last, regarding the non-production of Vouchers in support of an expense incurred in the erection of Buildings for the North American Boundary expedition at Vancouvers Island, I am directed by Mr Secretary Herbert to request that you will acquaint me whether the Vouchers in question have yet been forwarded by Governor Douglas.
I have etc.
B. Hawes
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Mr Merivale
Ansr that the Vouchers have not yet arrd but that the Govr shall be reminded on the subject. And write accly.
ABd 24 Oct
Annex dt & letter.
HM O 24
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Draft, Elliot to Under-Secretary, War Office, 31 October 1859, stating Douglas had been reminded to forward the vouchers.
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 21, 2 November 1859.