Forbes to Newcastle
28th Octr 1859
My Lord,
I beg leave most respectfully to enclose herewith for your Grace's consideration documents shewing my Public Services in the War Office the same having been returned to me by my Agents Messrs Cox & Co from Mr Ellice by whom I had great expectation that he would intercede and procure for me a free grant of Land in Van Couvers Island from the Government, for the loss that I have sustained on leaving Office, in not having that allowance granted to me that I was entitled upon every principle of equity and justice.
From Mr Ellice's note to my Agents herewith enclosed also, it will appear that no grant of Land will be given in your Grace's Department. I shall feel obliged to know on my arrival on the Island in question, whether the Governor will have the power to comply with my request and allow the same to myself and Family.
I most humbly submit that your Grace will be pleased to peruse the Papers enclosed, having done so, the boon I now beg cannot be withheld from
My Lord Duke
Your Grace's Most obedient humble Servant
Robert Forbes
(late War Office)
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
See former answer to Mr Forbes 10134. Answer that free grants of land are not made in VanCouvers Island & that his application therefore Cannot be complied with? Send the enclosures to Mr Forbes.
HT Irving 18 Novr
TFE 18/11
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Colonial Office to Forbes, 26 November 1859, advising that "the public land in Vancouver Island can only be disposed of by Sale in accordance with established rules."