Willmett & Sons to Lytton
Dry Dock Newport Monmouthshire
10th February 1859 To the Rt Hon Sir E.B. Lytton Bt Secretary of State for the Colonies

My Lord/
We beg respectfully to request of your Lordship information respecting the Colony of Vancouvers Island. We have made ourselves acquainted with all that the Books we possess are able to impart and conceiving your Lordship to be the proper source for information [we] beg to inquire on what System or Plan land can be secured to us in [that] Colony. We beg to state that we contemplate emigrating thither and that [we are] a large family consisting of 4 Households and shall require [a] tolerable Large Tract and prudence dictates that the required Land [should] be ascertained to be good safe and secure in the first place.
Our Business is Ship Building and Repairing Ship Owning & general Commerce [but] of course Agriculture and the requisite addenda would be resorted to there [in] addition to our own Trade & whatever other Business we find convenient or requisite [to do]. We should go out in our own ship, taking with us all materials for all purposes we conceive to be useful so far as our means will permit, and on receipt of [the] required information from your Lordship (which we respectfully beg you to excuse) [one] of our Party will proceed out to Select a proper site and report.
We beg to remain
your Lordships most obdt Servants
Willmett & Sons
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
The Writer requests information on the subject of Land in VanCouver's Island, & should therefore be referred to the Hudsons Bay Company?
VJ 12 Feby
It is always or nearly so the simplest course to send such a letter to the HBC & tell him, this has been done. Annex dts.
HM F 12
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Draft, Carnarvon to Willmett and Sons, 17 February 1859, advising their enquiry had been forwarded to the Hudson's Bay Company.
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Draft, Colonial Office to H.H. Berens, Hudson's Bay Company, 18 February 1859, forwarding copy of the letter for their attention.