No. 72
Downing Street
1 June 1859
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch No. 11 of the 8th April transmitting an Address from the House of Assembly of Vancouvers Island, praying that Her Majesty's Government Manuscript imagewould send Commissioners to the Island to investigate the affairs of the Colony before releasing the Hudson's Bay Company from their responsible Government.
I have to request that you will state to the House of Assembly that I am unable to entertain the prayer of their address and if necessary to take any steps upon it, until I shall be made acquainted with the specific grounds on which it is preferred, and with the nature of the evidence which would be submitted to such Commissioners on the several questions which the Assembly consider to demand investigation.
I have etc.
In the absence of Sir E.B. Lytton
  1. The original form of this correspondence can be viewed here. Please note that the original was marked initially as part of the Vancouver Island collection, and changed thereafter, presumably after receipt, to the British Columbia collection.
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