No. 2
Downing Street
22 July 1859
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch No. 18 of the 25th of May containing a report of a serious affray that had occurred in the neighbourhood of Victoria between the Indians of Fort Simpson Manuscript imageand large bodies of the Native Tribes of Queen Charlotte Island.
I approve of the measures which you adopted for putting an end to the affray and for dispersing the Indians, but I take this opportunity to caution you not to bring the Military and Naval force into service on such occasions except where they are absolutely necessary for theManuscript imagethe support of the Civil Power, and then to bring them out in such strength as either to compel submission without bloodshed or (if more than a demonstration be unhappily required) to ensure immediate success, and thus maintain the prestige which enables the presence of the Queen's Military or Naval force to secure order and obediance to the laws.
I have etc.