No. 6, Miscellaneous
26 January 1860
Feeling assured that any enterprise exercising an influence in Extending Settlement and developing the resources of Vancouvers Island will possess an interest with Your Grace, I venture to transmit a correspondence with Mr Edward Stamp acting for himself and for persons in England with whomManuscript imagewhom he is connected regarding a plan for establishing a powerful saw mill capable of delivering 50,000 feet of lumber daily; a fishing and fish-curing establishment; a patent slip capable of accommodating vessels up to 2000 tons burthen, and other projects which will no doubt result in the formation of a large Settlement on the West Coast of Vancouvers Island: the chief object of the association being to export timber in large quantities to China, Australia, the Sandwich Islands, South America, and other countries on the Pacific.
2. The many attractive inducements for Settlers and for the investment of capital created by the Laws of the United States, had at one time, nearly made CaptainManuscript imageCaptain Stamp decide on carrying out his scheme in Washington Territory; but he has now happily abandoned that intention in consequence of the tenor of the Communications which I deemed it proper to address to him in reply to his application for assistance.
3. His demands (one excepted) were fortunately reasonable, and such as could be granted without difficulty; being 1st The right of selecting a Site for the purpose of forming the proposed establishment. 2nd of acquiring as much land as might be wanted in the vicinity of the saw mill, and the price which he would be required to pay for the land. 3rd An exclusive license for cutting timber on Crown Land near the Saw Mill. 4thManuscript image4th That the Establishment should be declared a Port of Entry.
4. As no part of the West Coast of Vancouver's Island, where the proposed settlement is to be formed, is surveyed, it was agreed that he should be at liberty to acquire any quantity of land in that part of the Colony under 15,000 Acres, at a fixed price not in any case to exceed £1 per acre, that being the highest price charged for Country land, subject however, to a reduction should the price of country land be lowered before the purchase is completed.
5. The exclusive license to cut timber on the lands of the Crown near the Saw Mill, was not conceded; but I agreed to make the settlement a Port of Entry, on condition of his being preparedManuscript imageprepared to account to the Treasury for the whole amount of Fees collected on Shipping, without any deduction; and I prescribed as a final condition, and a guarantee that there would be no failure in carrying out the arrangement on his part, that he should place permanent improvements upon the land to the Extent of Seven Thousand, Five Hundred Pounds (£7500), within the Year 1860.
6. I trust this Enterprise may succeed, and that the arrangement with Mr Stamp may meet with Your Grace's approval.
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Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
The Land & Emign Commissrs should I suppose be requested to report on Mr Stamps proposal?
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Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
[Edward Stamp] to Douglas, 21 December 1859, outlining various business proposals and the conditions under which he would proceed with them, as per despatch.
Manuscript image
W.A.G. Young, Acting Colonial Secretary, to Stamp, 2 January 1860, emphasizing Douglas's desire to encourage industry on the island and describing the measures open to the governor to assist the proposed enterprise (13 pages).
Manuscript image
Stamp to Young, 6 January 1860, acknowledging the accommodation made by the governor but expressing concern at the uncertain future of the land system presently in force in the colony, with alternate suggestions (9 pages).
Manuscript image
Young to Stamp, 10 January 1859, further discussing the land system and other suggestions made by Stamp, and detailing the conditions required by the government in return for their assistance.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Merivale to Emigration Commissioners, 19 March 1860, forwarding copy of the despatch and enclosures for report.