Hammond to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
27 August 1860
I have laid before Lord John Russell your Letter of the 14th Instant, transmitting Copies of a Despatch and it's Inclosures from the Governor of British Columbia, explanatory of the cirucumstances under which he had requested the opinion of Colonel Moody as to the SiteManuscript imageSite to be selected for the encampment of British Troops on the Island of San Juan, but had declined the Services of an Engineer Officer in surveying the position.
With reference to the proposal of the Secretary of State for the Colonies to approve Governor Douglas' proceedings in this matter, I am to observe that theManuscript imagethe Governor had doubtless some grounds for the course which he pursued on the occasion in question, but that Lord John Russell does not understand His Excellency's Reasons for requesting Colonel Moody's opinion, if he did not wish to have a Military opinion upon the case.
I am etc.
E. Hammond
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
See Minutes on 7737.
VJ 28 Augt
Mr Fortescue
The concluding remark of the Foreign Office is more pointed than correct. The Governor asked an opinion, but Colonel Moody on the contrary proposed a survey, which the Admiral and the Governor, for reasons which appear to me ample, would not authorize. The plain truth is that Colonel Moody is very apt to favor us with criticisms on Governor Douglas's acts, but the one is Governor & residing on the spot, the other is a subordinate and residing in a different colony. Which of the two possesses in himself the best judgment is a point on which I apprehend that no one with any general knowledge of mankind, or any particular knowledge of the two individuals, can for a moment doubt.
I annex a draft of the answer which I would recommend to be returned to the F.O. and also the draft of a despatch to the Governor.
TFE 28 August
I wd not send the proposed letter [not in file] to the F.O. as I have minuted on the draft.
CF 28