Murray to Fortescue (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
12 December 1860
I am directed by Lord John Russell to transmit to you a copy of a letter from the Hawaiian Consul General in this country, inclosing the commission of Mr Henry Rhodes, who has been appointed to act as Consul for His Hawaiian Majesty in Vancouver'sManuscript imageVancouver's Island; and I am to request that you will move the Duke of Newcastle to inform His Lordship, whether His Grace sees any objection to the issue of Her Majesty's Exequatur in favour of Mr Rhodes.
I am etc.
James Murray
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
It appears from the enclosure that the Col: Secretary has stated to Mr Rhodes that the Govr has no objection to his acting as Hawaiian Consul, but I suppose we must adhere to the usual course and ask the Govr—L[ithographed] F[orm]?.
VJ 13 Decr
Mr Jadis
I do not see the Enclosures of the Foreign Office letter. Procure them and if the Colonial Secretary's letter be correctly described, I think that it could be vexatious to cause the delay and trouble of a reference to the Governor for an opinion which we shall already possess in an authentic shape.
TFE 13 Decr
Mr Elliot
The enclosures have been procured from the F.O. and are annexed.
VJ 14 Decr
Mr Jadis
From these it appears that the Governor particularly informed Mr Rhodes that his letter was meant to be available for the purpose of obtaining the formal recognition of HM's Govt. I am very glad that we ascertained this, and did not write back again all the way to British Columbia to ask the Governor whether he objected; as I am afraid it would have given us a sad character for red-tapism.
Draft a letter agreeing to the appointment.
TFE 14 Decr
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Manley Hopkins, Hawaiian Consul General, to Russell, 3 December 1860, enclosing documents (not in file) in support of the appointment of Rhodes and asking that Her Majesty's exequatur be procured.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Elliot to E. Hammond, Foreign Office, 14 December 1860, stating the secretary of state had no objection to the appointment of Rhodes.