Foster to Palliser (Private Letter)
Augst. 10, 1860
My dear Palliser,
I have not yet had a line from you. The Grouse are in, and in some parts of the country where the wood is not too dense, pretty good shooting is to be had.
Miles is Manuscript image
Miles is going down to San Francisco [possible one word cut off microfilm] he has an idea of copper somewhere on [Qwa—?] River B.C. I believe a Company for the same [possible one word cut off microfilm] and I am of opinion that he will some day [be] a millionaire as he does not swerve from his object.
These people are trying to do all sorts [of] jobbing. Govr D and Carey [Cary] plotting, and Dr. Helemkin [Helmcken] and the paltry paid hirelings carry on the affairs in the House.
When are you coming back here?
I wish we could get commissioners out [to] put things straight with H.B.C. and Imperial Govert.
I would rather that you did not send things I gave you a Memo for, until I ask you to do so, as I have no house built yet, and have [possible one word off microfilm] confidence sufficient in this weak Govt to [do] so—with that wretched plotting Governor at its head.
He has no higher aim than his own personal vantage, and if not done away with, [the] country will not maintain its position…people will leave this for Oregon Terr…No contribution towards any…can be obtained.
People do not scruple to aver openly that no confidence exists with regard to any measure the Govr with the Parliament majority ([qn?] of [T—?]) officials of the Govt illigully maintaining…and a council of old women with a Lawyer who has taken Oath of allegiance to America.
D. Frazer who does his work of altering measures at his own house, and not having them discussed openly in Council…I shall lay [out] no more money here, it is not safe to do so.
Wanton expenditure of Revenue is a glaring feature of Govr Douglas's administration here, [one word cut off microfilm] [illegible] [(qn)?] mode of procedure [illegible] not altered soon will tend [to] sway these people's sympathies toward the American rule rather than be governed by the present system. And if the Govt knew the ([qn?]) important position or I should rather say had under consideration it would doubtless without [delay?] favor the Colony in more ways than one, and [very?] especially by ensuring to it a proper representation of H.M. and not prolonging the one killing system of H.B.C. monopoly rule which every thing here [possible word cut off microfilm, possibly page missing?] Manuscript imageto succumb to this.
The influence brought to bear in the House of Assembly to the prejudice of Colonists in general and the development of the country.
Remember me to all friends— .usis there as much row now about war with the European powers [P.C.?] Hope all will blow over, but than [that] Italian affair can hardly do so, I think.
How are all your brothers, the Colonel [been there?]?
I shall see you in a year or so, if things d'ont alter here this place is American in 20 years hence.
Yours faithfully
George Foster
[P.S.] Tell Parker

Send the Books I wrote for May's Parly Practice, Regulations for Governors of HM Colonies &c,…Blue Books regarding this place.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
This is the copy of a Letter from a clever independent English gentleman (who has settled in VanCouver Island), to Capn Palliser. Capn P. placed it in my hands saying I might show it to any body I pleased. Mr Foster is in the Assembly of the Colony, & according to Capn Palliser his sole object is the advancement of both V. Couver Isd, & B. Columbia.
I submit the letter only to shew the opinion of the writer on the manner in which affairs are conducted in the Colony.
ABd 17 Oct
Mr Fortescue
We have evidently to expect a determined attack on Govr Douglas & his proceedings. I have seen lately a letter (from a person feeling a strong personal animosity against him) which seemed to shew this. The points of attack are principally—his taxation (levied on the transit of goods) and his sacrifice of the interests of B.C. to those of Van Couvers Island.
FR 17/10
In spite of Govr Douglas's ability many things have made me feel that his proceedings require careful watching, & that the compatibility of his position as a money making H.B.C. man with that of Imperial Govr, is very doubtful.
CF 19